The Most Expensive Homes in Seminole, Florida

In today’s blog post, I’m going to tell you about the most expensive homes in Seminole, Florida. Seminole is known for it’s beautiful parks, great schools, and tree-lined streets. But did you know that Seminole also has some very high end neighborhoods that many people don’t know about.  

Most people think of seminole as the town with the great schools and they have that Pow-Wow Parade every year. Well Seminole is also know to those who enjoy living on large plots of land, equestrian neighborhoods, and gated communities. Of the most expensive homes in Seminole, the homes in Botanica Estates, a gated community just south of 102nd Avenue just west of Ridge Road. The homes in this neighborhood have a total of eleven homes in the development. Just down the road are Thurston Groves and Windtree Estates. All within half a mile each other, these neighborhoods boast manicured lawns, sprawling trees and high dollar home values. Other high end communities include Yacht Club Estates,  Bayou Club,  Sea Pines, and Bayhaven, all located in Seminole.

Some of the most expensive homes in Seminole are located on farm or horse properties within central Seminole. Seminole has a large equestrian community of people who love their horses and are often seen trotting down the sidewalk on sunny afternoons. Take a look at the most expensive homes in Seminole that are available now. See something you like? Give me a call for your private showing. 

Seminole also has a wide variety of affordable homes with real world prices. Some as low as under $250K. We love the Seminole area and all that it has to offer all of its residents. Check out the video below of one of Seminole’s largest parks, Walsingham Park.

Map of Section of Seminole, Florida

Aerial Video of Walsingham Park

Couple in convertible driving